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Testimonials & Endorsements

Top Rated Sun Protective Clothing

Alexis Taylor | Equestrian

“I remember when ShadyLady first started and I was immediately in love. I still have my original version and am beyond impressed with how the product has evolved! The fabric is incredible and the colors are beautiful. I try to be very careful with my skin and am so grateful to ShadyLady for helping me protect it!”

Bliss Heers | Equestrian

“I’m an absolute fan of ShadyLady scarves. They are unbelievably comfortable for protection everyday out and about but also protection from the sun when riding. Not to mention that there are just so many cute patterns and colors.”

Katie Taylor | Equestrian

“Being so fair skinned, sun protection has always been my top priority. With the ShadyLady I feel like my face and neck are fully protected while I spend an entire day out in the sun.”

Mandy Porter | Equestrian

"I love my ShadyLady scarves! Not only are they comfortable and provide good protection, but there is also a large variety of colors - bright and fun, or more subtle for the show ring. Definitely a must have!!"


Amanda Steege | Equestrian

"ShadyLady is my go to choice in face mask and sun protection because It is so comfortable and easy to remove when it’s time to go in the ring but with a great silky feel to the fabric that is light and also chemical free!"

Hope Glynn | Equestrian

"Shady lady has always been a part of my riding gear because I care to protect my skin and protect it from sun and wind damage. Now shady lady is a part of my everyday wardrobe because it’s Covid friendly and they have so many cute colors to accessorize with!!"

Ali Hendi MD, FACMS | Board-certified Dermatologist and Mohs Surgeon

"I am a true believer in quality sun protection to prevent sun damage and ultimately, various forms of skin cancer. Not all sun protective fabrics are made equal! ShadyLady Sun Protection is made with top of the line Luminology Technology  Fabric that naturally protects against UVA and UVB rays. I strongly endorse the ShadyLady Sun Protection face scarves as a high quality product to help prevent and minimize skin damage."

Natasha Traurig | Equestrian

"As a professional equestrian, and spending my days in the sun and harsh environments, my skin really takes a beating. Though I initially became a regular user of my ShadyLady mask because of COVID and the consequential health mandates, I have become a big fan of how much healthier my skin has been since wearing. I feel protected from the sun and it tremendously helps to block the dirt and dust that accumulates from grooming, working in the stable, and riding. Unlike other masks on the market, ShadyLady is the ONLY mask I feel comfortable in all day, and able to breathe in while I’m riding and teaching. It’s so easy to snap on, take off, pull up or down, and clean. And the variety of colors make them all the more fun and attractive to add to an outfit. My favorite colors include the red, the camouflage pattern, black, and stone. My ShadyLady has become a daily habit and staple to keep me safe during these times and preserve the health of my skin.”

Jennifer Hannan | Equestrian

"The Shady Lady has completely changed my everyday uniform. I absolutely love the coverage from the everyday elements that the sun scarf provides. Secondly during these unprecedented times this versatile scarf served as a face covering in my day to day barn and riding activities."

Dr. Michael Frederick | Harvard Trained and Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

"The number one treatment is prevention! That is the way that modern medicine is going now, more into the prevention and preventative treatments. The ShadyLady Sun Protection scarves just make sense. It's UVA and UVB protection that does not wash out like traditional sun fabric. It is the most fashionable and functional sun protection garment on the market."

Jenny Karizisis | Equestrian

"I love the feel of the fabric Shady Lady uses for their face coverings!  I also like the convenience of putting it on and off without having to pull it over my head and the snaps give you the ability to have it fit snugly or a bit looser."

Halie Robinson | Equestrian

“I have really fair and freckled skin- before wearing a ShadyLady I never seemed to be able to avoid a sunburn at a show no matter how hard I tried. ShadyLady’s not only protect me from the sun but are also such a great way to add a little style to any outfit with all the different colors. Of course, with covid, they’ve been a savior to me (and many others) as the only “mask” that is truly comfortable and breathable, but I will continue to wear these for all its other benefits long after the regulations change.”