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Hi Everyone!

My name is Alysia Lynch-Sherard, I am the creator and owner of ShadyLady Sun Protection. As a professional equestrian I spend  every day exposed to the sun while I train horses and teach riders. Two years ago I became much more sensitive and aware of how susceptible I am to skin damage.  For us all , the threat of cancer is real when exposed to the sun for long periods of time.  At the advise of my dermatologist I began the search for a product which first would give me the most sun protection while at the same time providing me comfort, durability and functionality.  Finding long-sleeved, light-weight shirts with added sun protection is not difficult.  Finding a breathable and effective product for my face was proving difficult.  Even more complicated was finding a face protection which could easily be put on and off without taking  off my helmet at the show ring. I was very frustrated to the point that I found my own solutions.  Experimentation and trial and error have resulted in my ShadyLady Sun Protection products which I am so very proud and excited to share with others who have similar needs.  I am 100% confident in my products.

ShadyLady Sun Scarves are now available for women, men and kids looking for functional and fashionable sun protection for the neck and face.

ShadyLady products are lightweight, breathable and best of all made with top of the line sun fabrics that have natural UPF 50+. This will never wash-out or wear-off like traditional UPF fabrics.  They are also designed to easily snap on and off for convenience.  The fit is snug yet comfortable on your face.  Stay active all day without having to readjust your ShadyLady.

Thank you for showing interest in ShadyLady Sun Protection products.

Enjoy the sun!

Xo Alysia