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The ShadyLady Cropped Sun Shirt is the perfect solution to pair with tops that does not offer coverage or UV protection fabric. Our unique cropped design shields the areas that are most exposed to the sun, such as shoulders, upper back, chest, arms & top of hands without adding more bulk to your midsection.

We are very excited about this new product! Please email if you have any question.

Our Story!

Breathable Clothing That Protects You From the Sun

Hello Everyone!

My name is Alysia Lynch-Sherard, Originally from Toronto Canada I now live in sunny California with my husband Colby and our daughter Zoie!

As a professional equestrian I spend every day exposed to the sun while I train horses and teach riders. I would do my best to keep my self protected from the sun but ever since moving to California I had troubles with my lips burning. Big hats and lip balm SPF was my best defense but I would still find my lips burning often. In 2017 I had a sobering conversation with my dermatologist. He closely looked at my lips he gave me a firm warning. He told me If I continue to let my lips burn he will be "Cutting them off in ten years". He assured me that skin cancer was in my future" As a new mother that was more then enough to get my attention!

The advise from my dermatologist was that i would need to cover my lips with a UPF fabric of 50+.  I began the search for a product which would give me the sun protection i needed while at the same time providing me comfort and functionality. Finding a breathable and effective product for my face was proving difficult.  Even more complicated was finding a face protection which could easily be put on and off without taking off my helmet at the show ring. There was nothing! So I choose to make my own.

Months of trial and error with the design was one thing, but the the fabric I would use was a whole other.

This time taught me so much that I did not know. For example I had zero idea that traditional sun fabrics are treated with a chemical that can wash out in a little as five washes! Clearly that would not work since I wash my scarfs after daily use.  I had faith that I could find a fabric that could give long lasting protection, and I did! The amazing UPF fabric not only offers long lasting sun protection but is also chemical free! 

Years later we have a full sun protection line!! Scarves, Gloves and Shirts!! 

ShadyLady products are lightweight, breathable and best of all made with top of the line sun fabrics that have natural UPF 50+. This will never wash-out or wear-off like traditional UPF fabrics. 

Thank you for showing interest in ShadyLady Sun Protection products.

Enjoy the sun!

Xo Alysia